Data Recovery

All AMO servers hosted with Microsoft Azure complete a full daily snapshot which is retained for 7 days. Any one of these snapshots can be used to rebuild a server in case of a catastrophic event.

All data hosted on AMO servers is completed backup daily with the below retention rates;

  • Daily Backup – 7 Day Retention
  • Weekly Backup – 1 Month Retention
  • Monthly Backup – 1 Year Retention
  • Yearly Backup – Quad Retention

The AMO currently runs two SQL servers, one contains a copy of all live DB’s, the other a real time backup of the same DB’s. In the case of an unexpected server outage the secondary SQL server would become live ensuring limited downtime.

All development done within the Plus1% environment follows a strict process flow to avoid development issue reaching the production application. We run a three step release process as detailed below;

  1. Local Developer Server Release & Testing
  2. AMO Azure Test Environment Release & Testing
  3. AMO Azure Production Environment Release

Prior to any production release or change a full backup is taken to allow for a point of roll back immediately if the release creates any error.