My Team Reports

Reports can be added to the My Team menu so Sport Managers or National Sport Federation administrators can view and download any report made available to them.  

Adding a Report to My Team

The process to add a report to My Team is very simple, you build a Team Report in the Report Writer and check the tick box  “Show My Team”. Only Team reports can be shown in My Reports.

  1. After building a team report, tick the Show My Team check box – this makes the report available in all Games on the Portal under the My Team Menu. You cannot select the Games each report will be visible in, it will show in all Games under My Team.
  2. Filters will apply. In the example above the report has a gender filter so only females will appear in the report.
  3. There are no filters under Sport however the filters that are applied when you give access to My Team WILL BE APPLIED. This means if you have a Sport Manager for a Sport, for example Athletics, then the report will only show Athletics team members.  The four filters under My Team are Sport, Function, Selection Status and Team will all be applied to My Team reports when accessed from the Portal.

Once you tick the Show My Team in the Team Report then any person who has access to My Team will see the Menu under My Team called Reports.

The report can be run to display on the screen or can be downloaded in CSV format and saved in MS Excel.  When reports are downloaded they will extract the data at the time of download. This means you no longer need to send out “out-of-date” excel reports to Managers, they can access the data from the reports you determine in real time.