Signing Up For Plus1%

The Association of Multi-Sport Organisations (AMO) is the owner of the Plus1% Athlete Data Management Software and all its associated intellectual property. The AMO is a not-for-profit Swiss Association that was that was established in August 2011 by 9 multi-sport organisations including National Olympic Committees, National Paralympic Committees, Commonwealth Games Associations and the Commonwealth Games Federation.

The AMO makes the Plus1% technology accessible to multi-sport organisations via licensing the software and enables them to share in the extensive knowledge that has been accumulated over the years on athlete data management. This site forms part of the services and knowledge resource that the AMO offers its Members.

The software is currently being used by over 40 National Olympic Committees (NOCs), Commonwealth Games Associations (CGAs) and National Paralympic Committees (NPCs) across 5 continental regions.

There are several different licensing options available and more details on Licensing options are available from the AMO website at

PLus1% software users include:


  1. Botswana Olympic Committee
  2. Lesotho Olympic Committee
  3. Malawi Olympic Committee
  4. Nigeria Olympic Committee
  5. Mauritius Olympic Committee
  6. Rwanda Olympic Committee
  7. Swaziland Olympic Committee
  8. Uganda Olympic Committee
  9. Seychelles Olympic Committee
  10. Zambia Olympic Committee

Americas and Caribbean

  1. Bahamas Olympic Committee
  2. Bermuda Olympic Committee
  3. Canada Paralympic Committee
  4. Canada Commonwealth Games
  5. Canada University Sport
  6. Canada Jeux de la Francophonie
  7. Guyana Olympic Committee
  8. Anguilla Commonwealth Games Association
  9. Antigua and Barbuda Olympic Committee
  10. Barbados Olympic Committee
  11. British Virgin Islands Olympic Committee
  12. Cayman Islands Olympic Committee
  13. Dominica Olympic Committee
  14. Grenada Olympic Committee
  15. St Kitts and the Nevis Olympic Committee
  16. St Vincent and the Grenadines Olympic Committee
  17. Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee


  1. Maldives Olympic Committee
  2. Sri Lanka Olympic Committee
  3. Singapore Olympic Committee


  1. British Paralympic Association
  2. England Commonwealth Games Association
  3. Finish Olympic Committee
  4. Guernsey Commonwealth Games Association
  5. Gibraltar Commonwealth Games Association
  6. Jersey Commonwealth Games Association
  7. Isle of Man Commonwealth Games Association
  8. Northern Ireland Commonwealth Games Association
  9. Scotland Commonwealth Games Association
  10. Wales Commonwealth Games Association


  1. Australian Commonwealth Games Association
  2. Australian Olympic Committee
  3. Cook Islands Sports & National Olympic Committee
  4. Australian Paralympic Committee
  5. New Zealand Olympic Committee

International Bodies

  1. Commonwealth Games Federation