Updating Selection Status

Selection Status is a mandatory field which determines the status of the individual on the team. 

  • Long List – Refers to the possibility that they are ‘in contention’ and could be part of the delegation that will travel to the Games
  • Selected – This individual HAS been officially chosen to attend the Games
  • Reserve – This individual has met the standard but has not been chosen for the team. In the case of someone pulling out, the reserve would then be selected
  • Withdrawn – This individual is NO selected for the team

Accessing Selection Status

Once in a Team Member’s profile:

  1. Click ‘Admin’
  2. Click directly on the ‘Games’
  3. Select their ‘Selection Status’ from the dropdown box on the Contact Games Edit screen
  4. Click ‘Save’

Updating Selection Status for Multiple People at Once

To save time you can update the ‘Selection Status’ for multiple team members at the same time.

  1. Click ‘Accreditation’ left tab
  2. Search for ‘Team Members’ using the drop downs for Functions, Selection Status, etc.  NOTE: You must choose a ‘Selection Status’ for names to display
  3. Update the ‘Selection Status’ from the drop downs beside each Team Member
  4. Click ‘ Update All’ to save

For more detailed instructions see the Accreditation Manual.